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crow haley


Crow Haley handmade surfboard leashes!

Crow has been hand-making these leashes in the USA since April 1979.


The first padded strap leash (1979), the first urethane stand-out leash (1980), the first molded end double swivel leash, and the first leash to utilize computerized sewing (1992).

He has tried to optimize the surfboard leash design so everything is at its most efficient, strongest, and lightest.

The result? Long-lasting leashes that work well under all conditions.

He still does virtually all the work himself and says that,

"it's an archaic way of doing things, but in terms of quality, it's the only way".

Crow Haley takes enormous pride in finding and using only the finest materials.

The leashes feature-heavy webbing, reinforced stitching, EVA straps, urethane rods, urethane molded ends, and high-quality swivels.

The bond between the urethane rod and the molded end is done in such a way that it's stronger than the material itself.

• heavy webbing
• reinforced computerized stitching
• pure urethane rod and molded end
• Eva padded strap
• Japanese swivels

In sum, with Crow Haley leashes, you get a custom-built, Made in USA product that sets the standard for the category! 

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