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Finjak replaces the stock screw and sliding plate and eliminates the need for tools to install, remove, and adjust the position of the classic Bahne-style fin.


Wax Z’am is a German brand from Munich to makes hand-poured, sustainable, high-performance surf wax.

Their mission is to develop really good surf wax whilst respecting our planet. 100% sustainable, bio-degradable and handmade. 


Crow Haley does virtually all the work himself and says that, "it's an archaic way of doing things, but in terms of quality it's the only way.

He has tried to optimize the design so everything is at its most efficient, strongest and lightest."


101Fin Co Handcrafted Premium Bamboo Core Performance Surf Fins made in San Diego, California by Marlin Bacon.

Not only are these great-looking fins made of a renewable material, but the performance qualities and flex patterns are out of this world.

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