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101Fin Co’s

Marlin Bacon is a surfer/shaper/surfboard builder from San Diego, California that in his pursuit for lighter and stronger materials for building surfboards made bamboo the go-to material for his fins. For the last 14 years, he has been exploiting the unidirectional nature of bamboo to give the fin its strength and stiffness at the base while allowing the tip to flex, making 101Fins naturally light without sacrificing performance. Handcrafted one at a time by Marlin and his small crew, each fin is laminated with a light layer of glass that preserves the premium bamboo material memory that excels in giving your surfboard the best hydrodynamic experience out of its fin setup!

Marlin has been working closely with and making fins for some of the most innovative and respected shapers in California like Marc Andreini, Ryan Lovelace, Josh Hall, Derrick Disney, Chris Christenson, Malcolm Campbell, and Ryan Burch just to name a few. Every fin he makes is a custom work where the selected bamboo grain pattern and orientation are tailored to the desired performance ratio between flex and stiffness.

Center Box and Single Tab fins are finished with a fine sanded gloss coat giving them its silky and smooth look / feel while Glass On fins are laminated with a light layer of glass making the glass-on process easy and fast.

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