- ANKLE - Crow Haley, surf leashes

- ANKLE - Crow Haley, surf leashes


Haley does virtually all the work himself and says that,

"it's an archaic way of doing things, but in terms of quality it's the only way.

He has tried to optimize the design so everything is at its most efficient, strongest and lightest."

• heavy webbing
• reinforced computerized stitching
• pure urethane rod and moulded end
• eva padded strap
• Japanese swivels


• our price includes 23% Portuguese VAT

• free shipping on orders over 50,00 € ​

Sizes ankle


Manufacturer assumes no liability, expressed or implied, for injury to the person or property of the buyer, user or any other individual.  
Defects in material and workmanship will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer.  

Guarantee does not cover abuse or normal wear and becomes void if leash is improperly attached.  Damage or breakage due to fin cuts is not covered by guarantee.

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