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101FinCo SD JH

101FinCo SD JH

150,00 €Preço

From the San Diego series comes this fin template that minimizes drag with its moderate rake and balanced profile, perfect for midlengths or glider type boards. The smaller sized fin will go well with side bites on 2+1 setups while the bigger ones will light up longer boards with the ultimate trim speed!


Handcrafted from premium bamboo these fins are up to 60% lighter than a fibreglass fin and they float! They are not a recreation of the past but a new take with increased performance compared to conventional fibreglass core fin. The unidirectional nature of bamboo results in a strong and stiff fin base while allowing the tip to flex naturally , with the flex coming more from the body of the fin rather than just at the tip.


Available as Center Box.


Sizes: 7.5’’ / 8.0’’ / 8.5’’ / 9.0’’

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