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101Fin Co’s G-IV CA 60's

101Fin Co’s G-IV CA 60's

160,00 €Preço

From Marlin Bacon´s extensive fin template collection comes our California 60s series Greenough stage IV inspired fin template with a full base that tapers into a moderately flex tip.


Alongside the D-FIN and PIVOT noserider they represent to us the pinnacle of the 60’s era surfboard fin design.


Handcrafted from premium bamboo these fins are up to 60% lighter than a fiberglass fin and they float! They are not a recreation of the past but a new take with increased performance compared to conventional fiberglass core fin. The unidirectional nature of bamboo results in a strong and stiff fin base while allowing the tip to flex naturally , with the flex coming more from the body of the fin rather than just at the tip. It’s a template that scales very well across a wide range of sizes lending itself to be used on a variety of surfboards. From small stubbies to longboards and everything in between!


Available center box.


Sizes: 7.5’’ / 7.75’’ / 8.0’’ / 8.5’’ / 9.0’’ / 9.5’’ / 9.75" / 10’’ / 10.5’’

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