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101FinCo SD LG ( San Diego Series)

101FinCo SD LG ( San Diego Series)

165,00 €Preço

The SD LG ( San Diego Series) is great on single fin logs where swing weight on turns is critical. It has a wide base with a generous tip that is mandatory for holding power and drive in the pocket. Extended tip time on the nose and powerful turns from this amazing template foiled one at a time to perform by Marlin Bacon! The premium bamboo fins are 50% to 60% lighter than traditional fiberglass fins, this will translate to less weight on the tail of the sled and a more quick response from the fin!

Handcrafted from premium bamboo these fins are up to 60% lighter than a fiberglass fin and they float! They are not a recreation of the past but a new take with increased performance compared to conventional fiberglass core fin. 


Sizes: 9.0" / 9.5" / 9.75" / 10"

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