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101FinCo - BONZER

101FinCo - BONZER

135,00 €Preço



Designed to be paired with the Bonzer Surfboard bottom contours and fin setups of the 3 and 5 fin variety. 101FinCo premium bamboo fins are 50% lighter than fibreglass fins, making this center fin ideal to reduce the weight of the Bonzer fin clusters! When used in tandem with 101FinCo Bonzer side runners ( duo or quad available in glasson version only) you will have the lightest fin cluster available for these designs. Center Box fins are finished with a fine sanded gloss coat  giving them its silky and smooth look!

We stock and supply Bonzer center fins sizes 6.0 / 6.5 / 7.0.


Handcrafted from premium bamboo these fins are up to 60% lighter than a fiberglass fin and they float! They are not a recreation of the past but a new take with increased performance compared to conventional fiberglass core fin. The unidirectional nature of bamboo results in a strong and stiff fin base while allowing the tip to flex naturally, with the flex coming more from the body of the fin rather than just at the tip. It’s a template that scales very well across a wide range of sizes lending itself to be used on a variety of surfboards. From small stubbies to longboards and everything in between!

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