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101 FinCo - TWIN KEEL SF

101 FinCo - TWIN KEEL SF

155,00 €Preço

Premium Bamboo Core // Performance Surf Fins



This is the Twin Keel SF ( single foil raked trailing edge) with a 6.5” base and 5.25” height.

A more upright design is suitable for down-the-line speed with back foot control! Hand foiled one at a time by Marlin Bacon these Bamboo fins are approximately up to 50% or 60% lighter than most fiberglass fins.


  • BaseTwin - 6.5 inches
  • HeightTwin - 5.25 inches


Marlin has been working closely with and making fins for some of the most innovative and respected shapers in California like Marc Andreini, Ryan Lovelace , Josh Hall, Derrick Disney, Chris Christenson, Malcom Campbell and Ryan Burch just to name a few.

Every fin he makes is a custom work where the selected bamboo grain pattern and orientation is tailored to the desired performance ratio between flex and stiffness .

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