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101 FinCo - TWIN FIN RT

101 FinCo - TWIN FIN RT

155,00 €Preço

Premium Bamboo Core // Performance Surf Fins



An alternative to traditional 80s Twin fin designs, this modern template with enhanced sweep and rake adds control and drive to your performance twin sled!!!!  These Bamboo fins and are sealed with a  thin layer of fiberglass to preserve bamboo material memory that excels in giving your surfboard the best flex pattern on a fin! Custom foiled one at a time by Marlin Bacon these Bamboo fins are approximately up to 50% or 60% lighter than most fiberglass fins.


  • BaseTwin - 4.75 inches
  • HeightTwin - 5.25 inches


Marlin has been working closely with and making fins for some of the most innovative and respected shapers in California like Marc Andreini, Ryan Lovelace, Josh Hall, Derrick Disney, Chris Christenson, Malcom Campbell, and Ryan Burch just to name a few.

Every fin he makes is a custom work where the selected bamboo grain pattern and orientation is tailored to the desired performance ratio between flex and stiffness.

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