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with highly functional surfboard gear sourced with the ethos of made by surfers for surfers. To us, this means locally made products entrenched in a surfing community who also seek to address our responsibilities in the Climate Change challenges that we face ahead.


Our first offering is FINJAK TOOL-FREE the original USA-made fin installation device that replaces the fin bolt/stock screw and sliding plate of your single-fin, Duo,  2+1, or bonzer surfboards. Easy to install, remove, or adjust your fin in seconds! It is manufactured in California and it was designed by JW of Pelican Surfcraft. Made with Tought Acetal Resin that is 100% recyclable.

We will also be offering 101FIN Co handcrafted Premium Bamboo Core Performance Surf Fins made in San Diego, California. Not only are these great-looking fins made of renewable materials, but the performance qualities and flex patterns are out of this world.

More surfboard gear will be added soon…

Stay tuned,

The Duo @oportosurfboardclub